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Toy Trains Are For Kids of All Ages

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Kids, Teens and Trains

Christmas trains.
Toy Trains Are Great for Christmas
Young boy with train set.
And Great for Playing Alone
Group learning about toy trains.
But Increasingly They're About Learning Useful Skills with Others!

Teens-thumbs up.Yes, kids and teens can enjoy looking at toy trains, operating them, and even assembling train layouts with complicated wiring and design and computer controls.

And you'll learn that toy trains are made and enjoyed all around the world, with many collectors deeply fascinated with collecting and displaying them!

Plus, it's a great way to learn about real railroads, which are a major industry.

Check out our extensive information in two sections depending on your age, but feel free to view them both:

Information for Younger Kids  Information for Teens


Introduction for Kids   Getting Started in the Hobby   Did You Know?   Activities

Music   Train Signals   Suggested Reading   Kids Club Newsletters   Teen Section (Advanced Info)

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