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Reopening March 30 for Easter Weekend, then
limited schedule for April and May. See dates below.

March, April & May Schedule. Open days:

March 30, 31.
April 1, 2, all Saturdays and Sundays, plus 16 - 20.

May - all Saturdays and Sundays, plus 28 - 31.

Full 2018 Schedule Available

2018 Program Events

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See video of Northern Lights enhancement on O Gauge Layout

Tour Groups Welcome! Call 717 687-8976 for pricing and arrangements.
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At the National Toy Train Museum and Library you can learn all about it!

Collecting, building and operating toy trains is a lively hobby for the 21st Century! Fun and challenging, it combines traditional skills with cutting-edge technology.

  • Designed like an old-time train station, the Museum features the latest in exhibits and LED lighting.
  • The massive toy train collection features models from the 1800s to the present.
  • Six operating, interactive train layouts in G, Standard, O, S, and HO Gauges and Lego®. Videos on all aspects of toy trains.
  • National Toy Train Library of toy train publications and history.
  • Lionel, American Flyer, MTH, Weaver, LGB, Bachmann, Marklin, more.
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